Sodom Rose was born in 2019.  The original launch was supposed to be in June of 2020, which got pushed back to a later date.  Due to not being satisfied with products that I had been testing for over a year. Clothing and other items wouldn't hold up to my standards and the quality was simply poor. 

The idea came alive to simply offer more timeless pieces. From neutrals to statement pieces to fit everyone's wardrobe. 

A shop that would offer you all your basic needs, from denim to basic shirts. All the items that never go out of style. 

Think of a denim jacket or a black leather jacket.  A pair of jeans. That one comfy sweater you've had forever.  A few basic shirts that can simply go with everything.

Jewelry pieces that we keep coming back to. Those musthaves items!

You get my point. This is what Sodom Rose wants to be for you. Not to follow a Hot trend that's gone with the blink of an eye.

But that is not all.   I always strive to offer you best of the best quality.  Preferably made here in America. I try to select smaller business as well, to help support them. But quality always comes first. 


About me:  

I moved from the Netherlands to the United States in march 2014. Lived here ever since. Been working on citizenship for years now, but it a long and costly process. 

Build a family here. Blended family really. Husband is firefighter, my stepdaughter has special needs and my stepson was adopted.  

For me it was hard to fit in, applying for job's wasn't easy. The online process hardly ever allows people to fill in other schools or countries they lived in. So lying would be the only option if I want to click "next" but that not the way I want to start a career. Can't send in a paper application nowadays.

Then life got really crazy with all the surgeries and healing my stepdaughter had. Homeschooling for years. Then my own health threw me some curveballs. I had some health scares that dragged on for years. Then injured my knee that was misdiagnosed.  Due to all that and lockdowns,  I suffered from a burn out due to be overwhelmed by everything that went wrong all at once. 

Sitting at home while injured gave me time to think. Especially when covid hit and people lost all their jobs and everything they depended on.  Food for thought!  It sparked a fire in me to start for myself, like I've wanted since I was a lil kid. NOW even more so!  I also wondered what I my stepdaughter would be able to do, due to all her disabilities. If she could work for herself maybe that would be better. So if could teach myself and succeed, I could teach her how to start her own little shop.  And here we are!

The banks would give me anything since I was a start up. Funding it all myself. Traveled to wholesale market so I could actually feel all the items I hand selected. Build this website and created the social accounts for it. On the front and back and everywhere in between, it's me working all part of this business. It might not be perfect just yet but i'll get better every step I will take forward.

 I finally opened up my store in June 2022, with you in my mind, always. Doing this for me, my family and every other person that want to start their business.

 If I can, you can! 


And if you read this. Supporting me and my dream means the absolute world to me. Forever grateful!



With love,